Does Your Steering Wheel Jerk When You Turn It?

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Have you ever experienced a jerking motion when turning your steering wheel?

It can be quite scary, because of the imminent possibility of losing the power steering whilst driving.
There are a few checks you could do yourself (depending on your auto mechanical abilities), or you would need to book your car into a certified Power Steering workshop.

• Firstly check your fluid level, and fill if required. If you needed to fill it, that means there is a leak that needs attention ASAP!

• Secondly check the belt at the pump. If this is loose, it will require tightening (this would need to be done by a technician if you are unsure of what to do)

• If the engine idle is too slow, the problem could be engine related or electronically related. Ask a qualified technician to trouble shoot it for you.

• If there is low pump pressure, your pump may need rebuilding or replacing.

• Lastly, your mechanic needs to check for a steering linkage hitting an obstruction, and correct the clearance.

Sometimes it is better to be forewarned, and better to get your car steering checked out before something goes wrong.

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