Does your Car Pull to One Side While Driving?

carThere are a number of reasons this could be happening.  It is good to fix whatever the problem is because if you don’t, you will wear down your tyres unevenly or even cause more serious problems.

Although you should get your car checked out by a professional steering and suspension technician, it is good for you to have an idea on what the problem is before you book your car in… it could be something as simple as low air in your tyres, or more serious as dangerously low tread on your tyres.

Other, more serious issues include a worn control valve on the steering rack, which would need to be replaced by a professional technician.  It could also be that the steering linkage is worn, and again will need to be replaced.

Natal Power Steering offer a free steering and suspension check, and will then advise you further on what needs to be rectified or changed.

If your car is pulling to one side, get it checked out otherwise it could end up costing you a lot more than what you originally may have been in for.

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